What we do...

• Website design, re-design, re-coding SEO and maintenance 
Online retail, e-commerce - shopping carts, medical, legal, accounting, news and PR service, all with advanced Google-friendly SEO.
Active websites that we designed, built and maintain:
• Moving Banner Ads for email promos
• Javascript Slide Show Graphics for websites 
Let us design your eye-catching, moving (or stationary) banner ad or a large, bold image header for your websites or social media image headers.

• Public Relations - Online Articles, Press Releases
We make sure that users that are searching you or your company will find positive articles presenting you and/or your company with dynamic information and images that tell your story -- reaching the regional, national and international public.

• Graphic Design, Logo Design, Promotional Ideas
See a sampling of our time-tested logos (link)

• Imaging Enhancement, Scene Creations 
Attention-getting image headers for your YouTube Channel, Facebook and other social media pages, blogs or websites. 
Also: Advertising scene creations, retouching-enhancing of business staff portraits and company images.

• Publications, Magalogs - online and print
Direct Marketing magalog design, eBooks, magazines and publications in RGB and CMYK (PDF samples available)

• Advertising - online and print 
We design and produce National Newspaper Ads, Magazine Ads, Google ads and Magalogs for Direct Response Marketers in the U.S. and Europe.
Ads and publications for:

• Finance • Investment • Health • Medicine • Retirement • Self Improvement 

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Located in North Los Angeles County in Southern California 
We are located in Southern California near Los Angeles. 
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